The sound of heavy winds wake you up around dawn that first morning after, cozy in your warm bed, the feel of soft blankets cocooning your body. For a split second you forget and you feel good. Then the memories smack you in the face. The blankets feel scratchy and heavy, your legs feel antsy, memories are suffocating your mind, the dark house doesn’t seem as forbidding as staying in bed alone with your thoughts. Your thoughts feel like a festering pustule.

Bleary eyed, you try to unlock your phone to turn off your alarm for later, you won’t need…

Author Screenshot of this unacceptable segment. Personally, the mouth agape seems about right for my piece.

I do not watch Fox News. I make a strict habit of that practice, actually. But every so often, my eyes and ears are assaulted without my consent when scrolling through Twitter trends. Yesterday morning was one such instance.

Tucker Carlson. I call him by another name, Fucker Carlson, not my best or most clever writing, but it gets the job done. Typically, I brush him off as an insane, deceptive showman who clearly only cares about his position of perceived power. He does hold power over his sycophants that tune into his show. …

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Outside of my little social bubble, I know cannabis still has a social stigma. Especially if you’re a female. And even more so if you’re a mom. I’ve always preferred cannabis over drinking. If you knew me around ages 18–21, you knew this. I’m not really sure why, but I just kind of phased it out after turning 21. It seemed the cool thing to do in the mid 00’s was to go to clubs and bars downing copious amounts of vodka. That’s what I did instead. After entering my 30’s, I became a daily cannabis user.

I also have…

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The parenting books didn’t touch upon what we’re supposed to do with our kids during a pandemic. None of us are prepared to make the choices we’re being forced to make, and make incredibly quickly. The last global pandemic began over 100 years ago, so turning to an older parenting generation for their weathered and wisened advice isn’t an option. And would their advice even make sense in these digitally connected and advanced times? Doubtful.

No matter how much we may wish it as the modern millennial parents so many of us are, we can’t Google our way out of…

I Will Never Regret Taking COVID-19 Seriously

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I want you to try an exercise. Close your eyes and conjure a time when you took your child to the pediatrician for what you thought will be a run-of-the-mill sick visit. Kids get sick, we take them in, we go home, and eventually they beat the virus. In the office, the nurse takes the temp and checks the vitals. They weigh your precious runny-nosed tiny human. You explain the litany of symptoms while snuggling your sick baby on your lap. I’m sure your memories feel very routine right now.

For some of…

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Standing in the kitchen, fussing with something, tidying up the counter perhaps. I can’t remember exactly what I was doing in the moment. Probably because my brain glossed over the unimportant task I was handling when I was hit with a proverbial 2x4.

We were waiting for my husband to return home in the time of Covid: he was picking up our curbside grocery order. I knew we’d have to disinfect and then unpack the haul. It was 8:30pm on a weeknight and I was tired after a day of working and facilitating two children’s e-learning schedules. I flitted around…

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2016 seems like a lifetime ago. Shit, February seems like it was a decade ago. But in 2016, Hillary Clinton almost shattered the highest of glass ceilings. (And life would be a lot better if she had and we didn’t have to deal with this orange clown absolutely bungling the pandemic response. Can you imagine how much smoother things would be with a badass smart organized mom/grandma in charge. Sometimes I cry in a ball on the closet floor when I think about what we could have had while listening to the Michelle Obama reading children’s books on PBS kids)

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I ventured out into the wild today. I walked to the grocery store to grab a few fresh food essentials. We were starting to run low on fruits and veggies. I bought two beautiful flower bouquets. They spoke to me and brought a little color to what’s been a very very grey time.

When I walked in my front door, my nine-year-old son immediately said, “who buys something like that during a time like this!?” Can you tell who’s child he is? No idea where he gets that tone!

But, I do that. I buy the flowers. We deserve normalcy…

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All Illinois schools are closed. And my children’s school is closed through mid-April. We’re looking at over a month of at-home time.


As funny as I insist on being, at pretty much all times, sometimes I’m serious. And yesterday I felt a deep gut punch. I found myself wiping away tears from my five-year-old’s face because he’s upset that school closed and he’s a little overwhelmed with all the routine changes. Out of nowhere, his little face scrunched up and he tried, but he couldn’t hold back the tears that exploded from his eyes. …

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For parents right now, shit is scary. There’s a lot of really scary info being thrown at us nonstop and we’re making game day decisions left and right. I live in Chicago and things are getting really weird really fast. But there’s already enough fear and anxiety. Like, I take my meds daily and honestly, I could use a lil bump of more meds, probably. It’s been a great week for my anxiety. That bitch is in full control right now.

I know I’m not the only one experiencing increased anxiety. And what we don’t need is one more article…

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Parenting w/humor & f-bombs. Historian finally using my $$ private-school degree. I come up with my best writing ideas naked in the shower.

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